Mobile Auto Mechanics. Good Idea?

The days of making appointments at expensive shops for your sickly automobile are not the only option drivers have these days.  There are mechanics who make house calls, unlike doctors these days!  Yes You Can! Take a city like Seattle….You can call a Seattle Mobile Auto Repair service and a qualified mechanic will come to your door and fix your car in your driveway if feasible.

seattle mobile auto mechanicNow you may think this is crazy awesome and good, but beware about who you contact. There are vultures lurking in the shadows of craigslist or other listings. Make sure you check reviews and the website of the mechanic.  A good mechanic will be

  • friendly on the phone,
  • they will call you back
  • they will have a website
  • they will have at least 1 good review online

Even after taking those precautions, always ask for their photo ID before they touch your car. If they are honest, they will have no problem understanding your reasons.

The benefits of finding a good mobile auto mechanic are many.

  • Convenience
  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Save on Tow Truck expenses
  • Being right there with the guy doing the work
  • Communication
  • No hidden costs
  • Emergency Roadside Repair
  • Finding a great mechanic who you can use in the future.

So yes, as long as you are cautious in the beginning, finding a great mobile mechanic will save you time, money and create more peace of mind knowing your know someone you can call if your vehicle breaks down on the road.