Mobile Auto Mechanics. Good Idea?

The days of making appointments at expensive shops for your sickly automobile are not the only option drivers have these days.  There are mechanics who make house calls, unlike doctors these days!  Yes You Can! Take a city like Seattle….You can call a Seattle Mobile Auto Repair service and a qualified mechanic will come to your door and fix your car in your driveway if feasible.

seattle mobile auto mechanicNow you may think this is crazy awesome and good, but beware about who you contact. There are vultures lurking in the shadows of craigslist or other listings. Make sure you check reviews and the website of the mechanic.  A good mechanic will be

  • friendly on the phone,
  • they will call you back
  • they will have a website
  • they will have at least 1 good review online

Even after taking those precautions, always ask for their photo ID before they touch your car. If they are honest, they will have no problem understanding your reasons.

The benefits of finding a good mobile auto mechanic are many.

  • Convenience
  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Save on Tow Truck expenses
  • Being right there with the guy doing the work
  • Communication
  • No hidden costs
  • Emergency Roadside Repair
  • Finding a great mechanic who you can use in the future.

So yes, as long as you are cautious in the beginning, finding a great mobile mechanic will save you time, money and create more peace of mind knowing your know someone you can call if your vehicle breaks down on the road.


Hi End Home Theater Ideas

high end home theater redmond BellevuePerhaps you’re hoping to transform your ignored carport into an elaborate silver screen hideout. And maybe you want to improve your family motion picture night with a couple of updates to your current home theater.

Regardless of your vision, here are 8 unquestionable requirements for the ideal high end home theater.


Set the scene with a mammoth blurb of your most loved motion picture. Show a vintage poster of an old John Wayne western, or casing an odd science fiction print of Attack of the 50ft Woman. Perhaps you’re inclined toward a cutting edge visual of the beloved The Hobbit—you can locate the ideal film blurb for your home cinema regardless of what sort of motion picture buff you are.


Numerous homeowners are introducing stadium seating into their home cinema centers to accomplish ideal review delight, however, what might stadium seating be without some LED advance lights? Presently you and your visitors can appreciate a genuine motion picture theater encounter without stumbling over strides oblivious. What’s more, the best thing yet, they can without much of a stretch be tied into a Control4 home computerization framework so they illuminate when the motion picture is delayed.


Searching for an approach to give your family and visitors a one of a kind motion picture night? Try not to encourage them microwaved popcorn; run with a retro-style popcorn machine that flies out new, rich goodness that is indispensable for any motion picture.

Popcorn Popper!

As a perfect accomplice for your retro-style popcorn machine, modify your own pop bar framework to give your family and visitors the ideal drink to oblige their most loved motion pictures.


In the event that you need to hear the blasts and clearing soundtracks of your most loved motion pictures in all their blasting magnificence, be accommodating to whatever is left of your family by soundproofing your home theater. You can introduce sound-hosing materials in your dividers, roofs and floors. Moreover, hanging window hangings and drapes can help upgrade the acoustics of your home performance center by retaining sound that would ordinarily ricochet around. However it would be best to hire a reputable Home Theater Installation Redmond, WA to consult with.


With regards to lighting, the little twists have a major effect. For instance, a custom divider sconce with dimmer controls can truly enable you and your visitors to drench yourselves in the film. When you associate it with your Control4 home robotization framework, you can have them diminish consequently to the ideal level great film begins. Furthermore, when the motion picture closes, they can light up go down as you extend and visit about how astounding the film was.


Envision a gathering of companions assembling in your home to watch a film. Everybody settles in their comfortable seats, sitting tight in suspicion for the film to begin. You calmly press a solitary catch on your Control4 remote control, and at the same time the lights diminish, your mechanized projection screen brings down as though out of the blue, and the motion picture starts.


7.1 encompass sound really submerges you into the motion picture by circling you with (eight!) isolate speaker channels. You’ll feel like the film is going on surrounding you: front to back, side to side, and start to finish. Ask your Control4 approved merchant how you can coordinate 7.1 encompass sound into your home theater framework—you’ll be happy you did.


Our most loved motion pictures have the ability to totally captivate us in their stories—a motorized home auditorium can take the realistic experience to the following level. You’ll never need to watch a motion picture without home robotization until the end of time!